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Year Two

Home Learning Week 11 - 22nd June

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

 Below is a revision activity to help your child consolidate sentence types.

  Types of sentences revision PowerPoint

  Types of sentences – 1 star            Types of sentences – 2 star           Types of sentences – 3 star

  Question mark exclamation mark full top activityThis file contains 3 differentiated levels of challenge.


  Summer SPAG Mat 8 – This document contains a 1 star, 2 star and 3 star level task.

  SPAG Mystery Task - The Mystery of the Missing Sunglasses


 As a general guideline, Mrs Biddlecombe’s group should be using the 1 star task, Miss Thornton’s group should be using the 2  star task, and Miss Farrington’s group should be using the 3 star task.  This is just a recommended guide. Please support children with reading/vocabulary if needed.

This week’s reading comprehension is Extreme Earth.

  Extreme Earth – 1 star level

  Extreme Earth – 2 and 3 star level


 For this week’s writing tasks we would like the children to watch the video called A Cloudy Lesson and choose some of the tasks below.  We do not expect all of these tasks to be completed. You may wish to select 2 or 3 short tasks to complete over the week, or choose 1 extended task and break in into a number of different writing sessions.

  A Cloudy Lesson Watch this video as a prompt for this week's tasks.


Writing Tasks

Shorter tasks

  • Write a set of instructions for 'How to make a cloud'– You could do this based on the video, or use your imagination to come with another way to make clouds. What equipment would you need? What order do they do things in the video? Try to use a range of time adverbials and other adverbs (quickly, carefully, slowly) in your instructions.

  Amazing Adverbs

  • Write a conversation between the two characters - You could do this with speech bubbles or using inverted commas. What would they be saying to each other? Would they be asking questions? Are they talking about the clouds?        A Cloudy Conversation Template
  • Write a poem about the weather – Can you include some rhyming words? Could you make an acrostic so that the first letter of each line spells out the word CLOUD?

  Weather Poetry Templates         The Wind Poem         It's Raining, It's Pouring Poem       A Sunny Day       Bed in Summer

  • Write an imaginary recount of the day you woke up and the clouds were all strange shapes – What shape were the clouds? How did you feel when you saw the clouds? What were you doing before you noticed the clouds? Did they stay a strange shape all day? If not, what made them change?
  •  Making a star – A picture prompt with a range of questions.
  • PSHE Link – Use the Proud Clouds to write about things that you’ve done or learnt during lockdown that make you feel proud.   Proud Clouds


 Extended Writing Task

  • Make an information text about different kinds of clouds – This could be done as a non-chronological report, a poster or a PowerPoint presentation.

  Non-chronological report Word mat          Planning a report          


 This week’s maths learning is a revision of Shape. We are following the White Rose Summer Term Week 8 lessons.

  White Rose worksheets            White Rose Answers

  Year 2 Shape vocabulary

  Mystery Maths Code Cracking Task – The Mystery of the Mixed Up Scarecrows -  An additional activity that will help to consolidate a range of mathematical skills.

Click here for more Maths Mystery Code Cracking Tasks

Below are some set specific resources to help further support or challenge your child with these lessons.

Miss Farrington’s Maths Group



  A message from Miss Farrington

  Lesson 2 – What 3D Shape Am I? - The quiz will help your child to consolidate their understanding of 3D shape properties

  Lesson 3 – Sort 2D shapes – 1 star activity     Lesson 3 – Sort 3D shapes1 star activity   

  Lesson 4 – Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes1 star activity    

  Lesson 5 – Make Your Own 3D shape – Carefully cut out and stick together the different nets to make a range of 3D shapes

Extension Tasks

  Shape problem solving and reasoning tasks – A range of tasks to help your child to deepen their understanding of multiplication and division. You could do one task each day, or do them all on Friday to consolidate the week’s learning.

  Shapes Games - This site contains a range of shape games to practice shape patterns, symmetry and shape sorting.


Miss Biddlecombe’s Maths Group



  A Message from Mrs Biddlecombe             Daily 10

  Lesson 1 – 3D shape properties       Lesson 1 – 3D Shape faces quiz           Lesson 1 – Name the Shape Quiz  

  Lesson 2 – Mental Maths Test (1)           Lesson 2 – 3D shape properties search

  Lesson 3 – The 4 Cube Challenge          Lesson 3 – Describe similarities and differences between shapes

  Lesson 4 – Shape Reasoning                  Lesson 4 – What Am I? Quiz       

  Lesson 5 - Mental Maths Test (2)


Miss Thornton’s Maths Group



  A Message from Miss Thornton

  Lesson 1 – Shape Properties Ppt       Lesson 1 – 2D shape properties       Lesson 1 – 3D Shape properties      

  Lesson 2 – Symmetry PowerPoint        Lesson 2 – Symmetry Activity Cards           Lesson 2 – Symmetry problems       Lesson 2 – Symmetry Extra Task

  Lesson 3 – 2D shape comparisons         Lesson 3 – 2D shape odd one out

  Lesson 4 – 3D shape comparisons      

  Lesson 5 – Reasoning problems


 This week’s focus is Animal Habitats. This will help your child to consolidate their previous learning.

  Animal Habitats - A BBC bitesize lesson. 

  Animal Habitat Fact File – This file contains different levels of challenge.

Extension task

  Animal Habitat Quiz

  Plants and Animal habitats quiz Ppt




  An introduction to North America - A BBC Bitesize lesson.

  Go Jetters Explore North America - More videos about North America.

Geography Extension Task

  What I know, What I want to Know, What I have learnt – Try to jot down some facts that you now know about North America, then think of some interesting questions that you would like to find out the answer to. You could then do some of your own research to find out the answers and record it in note/picture form in the ‘What I have learnt’ box.





North American Art

  North American Art - Haida Symbols Ppt

  Create your own Haida symbol choose an animal you like and try to draw it in the style of Haida art. Try watching the video below to give you some inspiration.

  Learn to draw a bird in a Native American style - YouTube drawing tutorial