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Gardening Club

Key Stage 1

Gardening Club is run by our gardener Mr Rocky. The club meets on Friday lunchtimes in the woodland area at the bottom of the KS1 playground. Every child in Year Two now has the opportunity to take part for half a term. Our aims are to promote an interest in growing, planting, composting and conservation. We like to get the club members to do all of the practical work and to have fun!

Our activities include:

  • Growing vegetables - these are included by the school kitchen in many of the school meals.
  • Growing and conserving wildflowers - we have three small areas set aside for this. We have planted meadow flowers, wild garlic and bluebells and bee friendly flowers in these areas.
  • Herb of the Week - Planting, identifying and learning about different herbs in our herb garden.
  • Composting - converting the school’s waste into compost which we use to improve the allotment soil.
  • Tree of the Week - learning about the trees and shrubs in the woodland area.
  • Elm Conservation Experiment - part of the club’s activity is to look after ‘Elmer’, the school’s elm sapling, as part of a programme to breed disease resistant elms.

The club offers:

  • A place for each child in Yr 2 for half a term.
  • Special needs pupil support as required.
  • Classroom growing projects.
  • Fun Day - Gardening Club members growing plants and selling them.

Support Us

You are welcome to come into the woodland, pond and allotment area to have a look around, but for safety reasons children must be accompanied by an adult and, please, no walking on the vegetable beds! You can see what we have been up to on the school website and please feel free to email us at to share any feedback, comments, or to offer your support.

The BBC website is a great place to start if you’re new to gardening, or want to learn more.

Web icon Click here to view an introduction to gardening!