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The main aim of Dorridge Primary School’s Eco-Council is to remind everyone in school to save energy and reduce, recycle and reuse.

The Eco-Council is pupil-led and consists of one child nominated to represent each class from Year 1 to Year 6. These pupils play key roles in decision-making and participate in reducing the environmental impact of the school.The Eco-Council representatives are dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who work hard to improve and develop the school for the better. The Eco-Council meets once a week to discuss environmental issues and the changes the council would like to see made around the school.  Eco-Council is assisted by our Head Teacher, Mrs Ashe, the board of school Governors, the school site manager and Mrs Brookson, a teacher in Year 3. 

The Eco-Council committee process offers a useful model for successful communication and decision-making. The councillors, elected by their classmates, are children who already have a strong sense of environmental responsibility. Ideas are brought to the committee for discussion and decisions are reached democratically.

Each Eco-councillor takes the committee’s ideas and suggestions back to their class and to the whole school through assemblies and take that into our school community. In this way, Eco-Council extends learning beyond the classroom and develops responsible attitudes both at home and in the wider community.

Our Eco-Council is a place to make positive changes and to make a difference. By encouraging and supporting pupils to take responsibility for the environmental management of the school, children will develop and build a sense of responsibility for their surroundings. Dorridge Eco-Council encourages pupils to help further develop our caring school community where the ideas of others are valued and action is taken in response to these ideas.

Actions 2019-2020

This year Eco Council’s main focus is improving the school environment, particularly the school grounds. Eco-Council will be working closely with Mrs LaVigna and Mrs Coe to maintain the Millenium Garden; other gardening projects are being planned for the Spring term. The councillors have already cleared and replanted a flower bed – look out for beautiful, nectar-rich plants, which should attract lots of bees and butterflies, outside Mrs Brookson’s classroom. During Fairtrade Fortnight we ask families to send in wrappers and packets from Fairtrade products to show their support in the community.

Recycling Projects

Christmas cards

Eco-Council are supporting St.Giles Hospice tree planting scheme by collecting and recycling unwanted Christmas cards throughout the month of January 2020, they counted 4000 in total! 

Pens, batteries and plastic bottle tops

The main collection points for batteries are in the entrances to both the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 buildings. Eco-Councillors collect any used pens or plastic bottle tops.

What Eco-Council 2019-2020 think ...

Year 1: Elinor, Beni and Eva
'We think Eco-Council is important because it helps the planet.'

Year 2: Isaac,Finley and Ena
'We wanted to go to Eco-Council because it's interesting and it's saving the planet.'

Year 3: Chloe, Bethan and Tomi
'We like being Eco-Councillors because we think it's important to pick up litter to stop it going into the ocean because there's not many animals left in the ocean. Some animals are becoming extinct.'

Year 4: Robyn, Hannah and Seb
'All our Eco-Councillors want to clean up the environment so we can have a healthy planet. We do an important job and it's really fun.'

Year 5: Ben, Keira and Emily
'We volunteered for Eco-Council to help save the environment by picking up litter, planting seeds and encouraging people not to use plastic, otherwise lots of animals would die. So far we are making improvements to our school by growing more insect friendly. Our flower bed is going to be beautiful.'

Year 6: Maddie, Olivia and Jude
'We volunteered for Eco-Council because Eco-Council is a vital part of our school. More schools should incorporate it into their system. Helping to save the planet is making us feel rewarded.' 

Energy saving in school

We are delighted to be an accredited LESS CO2 school. This means that we have been learning to save energy within our school, engaging with our staff and students about energy saving, as well as linking sustainability into our student’s learning.The work doesn’t stop there and we will continue to make great strides to reduce our energy use in our school. You can find out more about the LESS CO2 programme by visiting the Ashden website:

If there are any parents or carers out there who would like to support us in our ongoing energy saving work please let the school office know.