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Dorridge School Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Dorridge Primary School PTA is a registered Charity; the aim of the PTA is to raise funds to support and improve the learning environment of all the children attending Dorridge Primary School. We raise funds by organising many children, family and parent-focused fundraising activities.

All parents and carers of any pupil currently attending Dorridge Primary School are automatically members of the PTA as well as teaching and non-teaching staff currently employed by the school.

The PTA is run by a small number of elected office bearers who are supported by a large number of enthusiastic parents, teaching staff, and the senior management team.


How to get involved

The PTA usually meets on the first Monday of the month in term-time at 7pm in the Key Stage 2 building. The meetings are open to all Dorridge Primary School parents including nursery. 

The details of the forthcoming PTA meetings will be published in the school's weekly newsletter once they are confirmed. Please do get in touch if you would like more information or have any fundraising ideas.

We look forward to welcoming you! 

The latest AGM minutes can be found here and the latest meeting minutes here. 


PTA Facebook Group

We have created a Dorridge Primary PTA Facebook group to facilitate communication about all the PTA events, details of ways you can help and get involved, and to share information on PTA projects as they develop.

The Facebook group name is: Dorridge Primary PTA.

If you are not on Facebook and would like to be kept updated on the Facebook online posts then please just email us so we can add you to the PTA mailing list.