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Parent Partnership

Leading Parent Partnership Award

In July 2018 Dorridge Primary School achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award. A copy of the assessment report is available below:

LPPA reassessment report

Parent partnership

We use the LPPA approach to maintain and continually develop our strong partnership with parents. LPPA is a national award that provides us with a valuable school improvement tool and identify recognition of our commitment to working with parents.

The LPPA helps us maintain the long term benefits of:

  • improved pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress;
  • increased parent participation and involvement;
  • enhanced parents' support in their children’s learning;
  • improved communication between home and school.

Research has identified that increased parental involvement in a child’s education can raise achievement by 18%.

If you would like more information, please contact Mrs L Webb via the school office.

Parent Partnership Agreements

Our successes involving parents have been:

  • An extremely well attended Mums’ Afternoon- Spring term;
  • A hugely successful Dads’ Day- Summer term;
  • Popular SEN Coffee Mornings;
  • Well attended PTA events, with fantastic amounts of money raised;
  • A successful charity fortnight, raising over £4,000 for Cancer Research, parental support was pivotal to this;
  • Well attended assemblies, carol concerts, plays, induction and transition events;
  • Utilising our Facebook page as a further means of communication;
  • Many new parental volunteers in school;
  • A Parent Partnership Policy, readily available on the school website.

Out of 101 parent responses on Parent View - February 2018:

  • 97% of parents agreed that Dorridge Primary School keeps them well informed.
  • 92% of parents would recommend Dorridge Primary School to other parents.

You said, We did…

You said:

  • With the closure of Kingsley Childcare on Hanbury Road, is the school able to provide extra provision?
  • Online homework is beneficial; how can this best be utilised?
  • Some of the reward systems are confusing how can it be made simpler?
  • More information is needed about the Year 2 – 3 transition; what can be done to inform parents further?
  • More promotion of evening workshops/evenings could be beneficial.

We did:

  • DPS has extended its childcare provision at Darby’s, absorbing the children and staff from Kingsley Childcare into wraparound where possible.
  • We trialled online homework in some Year 4 sets. Evaluations of this trial showed many positive outcomes and some areas needing further development. DPS is working to extend this by using the Mathletics programmes for mathematics in the next academic year.
  • Class teachers now use the online Class Dojo system to offer instant rewards. House points continue to be used to reward classwork and academic achievements. Outcomes of these are shared in the Endeavour Assembly each week.
  • Year 2 parents are invited to a drop in session in the year 3 classrooms during the summer term. This is to ease concerns and to meet and speak with the class teachers. Support materials and letters are distributed to parents.
  • Dorridge Primary School utilises Facebook and the school Weekly News, alongside email, to further promote and highlight the importance of evening events and workshops to parents.