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Parent Council

The council contains a small number of parent representatives across Key Stages 1and 2; meetings are held half termly. It provides an effective forum in which members of the Senior Management Team can consult with representatives of the Parental body. It provides the opportunity for Parents to raise any concerns that they may have.


Our aim is to meet, share ideas and feedback to the school; give parents a voice and enable them to contribute to school decision-making and help develop a partnership between parents and school.

How to get in touch

You can contact one of the parent representatives listed below. Alternatively, a Parent Council suggestion box is situated in the KS2 Library, in which you can ask questions and suggest items for discussion at our meetings. You are encouraged to do this, using the comment slips provided.


Benefits for parents

Benefits for the school

  • Parents are able to express their views and know that they can make a difference;
  • They develop a sense of ownership;
  • They receive advice about how to support their children’s learning;
  • They learn more about how the school operates.
  • A better understanding of parents’ views and experiences;
  • A way of drawing new and different parents into active involvement;
  • A way of demonstrating that the school is engaging with parents;
  • Improved pupil behaviour and results, as parents have the biggest influence on the success of their children;
  • A chance to work with parents to find solutions to difficulties.

What a Parent Council is…

… and what it is not!

  • a group for parents to work in partnership with the school;
  • a group that is clear about its purpose and decides its own agenda;
  • a group that can advise the school on parental views;
  • a forum through which school can consult parents.
  • a body that makes decisions for the school;
  • a replacement for the governing body;
  • a replacement for other groups such as the Parent Teacher Association;
  • a forum for complaints about individual teachers, pupils or parents.

Parent Council Representatives 2019 - 2020

EYFS and KS1 Class KS2 Class
No representative yet NAM Alec Richmond 3D
No representative yet NPM Julie Nye and Ruth Roache 3P
Sarah Jarratt and Alec Richmond RD Natalie Rossiter 3S
No representative yet RP No representative yet 4D
Sally Quest and Charlotte Oak RS Bhavika Nyland 4P
Laura Jackson 1D Cara Bowley 4S
No representative yet 1P No representative yet 5D
Isabel Collins 1S Natalie Rossiter, Elizabeth McCandish and Laura Jackson 5P
Bhavika Nyland 2D Julie Nye and Ruth Roache 5S
Sally Quest 2P No representative yet 6D
Charlotte Oak 2S No representative yet 6P
Claire Dowding 6S

Date of Next Meeting 2019 - 2020

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Meeting Details



Topics discussed at the meeting


PDF icon 13th Nov 2019

Communication routes

General feedback


PDF icon 25th Sep 2019
PDF icon Road Safety

Objectives for the coming year

Matters raised by Parents

An archive of agendas and minutes for Parent Council meetings prior to the school year 2019 - 2020 is available >>here.