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Family Support

Mrs Fantham is our School Family Support Worker. She is in school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm and works with children and parents.

If you wish to arrange a meeting with Mrs Fantham, please do so through the School office.

We will include here a variety of items concerning events or services in the local area and community that you might find of interest.

Please note that this is an information service only. The school has no involvement with these events or services and takes no responsibility for any aspects of their delivery or suitability.

Solihull Parents’ Network

Solihull Local Authority have a Parents’ Network that provides information on local events and services of interest to all families. They send out regular news and information about family activities and events in Solihull. You can register on the Parents’ Network page to receive a regular copy of this. Otherwise, the regular bulletin is available at this link.

The Parents’ Network also publishes a regular bulletin of events in the area, which is available from the main Parents’ Network page.

For more information please contact the Family Information Service by phone: 0800 389 8667 or by email:

If you are interested in receiving information about upcoming events, please complete the application form on the page.

One of their initiatives is a series of parenting groups under the umbrella of Understanding Your Child Better. They have a general information leaflet available .

Solihull Parent Carer Forum

There is also the Solihull Parent Carer Forum, which is a voluntary group of parents of children with additional needs.

They have started issuing a semi-regular newsletter, a copy of the November 2018 issue is available at this link. Future and past issues will be available from their website

Solihull Approach - online course

Solihull Approach have provided a flyer about their online parenting course "Understanding your child".


Kids Run Free is a charity organised event which is managed by volunteers. They are always looking for children to come and take part, for free, and have a fun running race relative to their age, and for their parents to offer their support and volunteer to help every now and then. Check out their website for local events.