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End of Key Stage 2 Results


The government has said schools will not be required to publish data on their test or assessment results at KS2 from the 2021-22 academic year, as these will not be published as performance measures by the secretary of state. This is a result of the ongoing effect of COVID-19 on results. However, we felt it important to share our results that reflect our high levels of attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar(SPAG) and celebrate all of our July leavers on their wonderful achievements. 

KS2 SATs in 2022 followed the new testing and marking procedures introduced in 2016. The actual scores that pupils received in their tests, the ‘raw’ scores, are scaled to account for any variability in difficulty of the tests from year to year. The scaling is done such that a pass mark always corresponds to a scaled score of 100. In KS2 the full range of scaled scores is 80 - 120, with a scaled score of 100 or more representing the expected standard or higher in each test.

A more detailed discussion of the process, which contains technical information for Headteachers, teachers, governors and local authorities, is available from the link below.

 Scaled scores at key stage 2, on the website.

In the table of results below, writing tests are teacher assessed and are not scaled, therefore there are no direct equivalents to the ‘Average scaled score’ and ‘% reaching highest score’ columns. In Writing, the ‘% reaching high scores’ column is equivalent to an assessment of ‘Greater Depth’ in Writing.

The ‘Combined Scores’ line in the table indicates the number of children attaining the expected scores in each of the three areas of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. As there is no scaled score in Writing there are again no direct equivalents to the ‘Average scaled score’ and ‘% reaching highest score’ columns.

Percentages of pupils achieving indicated levels in each subject in 2022



SATs Results 2019

(July 9th)

SATs Results 2022

(July 5th)

National 2022

Solihull 2022


EXS+: 85%

EXS:   49%

GDS:  36%


EXS: 43%

GDS: 43%

EXS: 74%



GDS: 31%


EXS+: 87%

EXS:  57%

GDS:  30%


EXS: 76%

GDS:   7%

EXS: 69%


EXS+: 71%

GDS: 14%


EXS+: 88%

EXS:  37%

GDS:  51%


EXS: 41%

GDS: 43%

EXS: 72%


EXS+: 76%

GDS:  31%


EXS+: 91%

EXS:  51%

GDS: 40%


EXS: 52%

GDS: 39%

EXS: 71%


EXS+: 74%

GDS:  25%







*GPS = Grammar, punctuation and spelling

Summary of our results

In our results for 2022, the proportion of pupils attaining the expected standard or above in all three subjects - Reading, Writing, and Mathematics - was 72%, which is above the national average of 59%.

Our average scaled scores in each area are above those obtained nationally.

107.4 Reading

107.6 Maths

108.4 SPAG

National Data

Provisional headline information on the 2022 national curriculum assessments at key stage 2, an analysis of the national results published by the DfE, is available from the following link:

 National curriculum assessments: key stage 2, 2019 (provisional)

To link to the School Performance tables on the DfE website, please click on one of the links below:

 Performance Tables - find a school (link to DfE website)

 Uneven impact of the pandemic on 2021/22 school and college performance data