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Curriculum Overview

Detailed information on the curriculum followed at Dorridge Primary are available in the Curriculum section of the website, also accessible through the Curriculum tab above.

The following documents give overviews of the main topics studied in different subjects through the school. The documents are based on A3 pages and use small text sizes so as to include all the information.

PDF documentEYFS Curriculum Overview

PDF documentKS1 and KS2 Curriculum Overview

PDF documentIPC Themed Curriculum Overview (all year groups) 2017

Separate sheets containing only single year group overviews of the IPC Themes are available below:

PDF documentYear 1

PDF documentYear 2

PDF documentYear 3

PDF documentYear 4

PDF documentYear 5

PDF documentYear 6

Phonics and Reading Schemes

We use Letters and Sounds as our phonics approach. A document with details of this scheme is available from the link below.

PDF document Letters and Sounds

Book sharing begins in Nursery followed by a scheme of books introduced in Reception. Our Reading Scheme is banded at each stage, primarily based on the Oxford Reading Tree scheme and the Big Cat Collins scheme, supplemented with a variety of free choice books at each stage to provide breadth and depth. Further information on these schemes can be found at the following links. Please note that both of these links will take you away from our website and therefore changes to the content are outside our control.

Oxford Reading Tree

Big Cat Collins

Themed Weeks

Once a term we have a themed week, this is in addition to the IPC work the children are covering, although some activities are linked to IPC objectives.

There is one themed week per term: Creative Arts Week in the autumn term; Science Week in the spring term; and Healthy Lifestyles Week in the summer term. The weeks are enriched with a variety of specialist activities such as theatre workshops, visits to museums, drama workshops, specialist sports coaches, engineering companies, and visiting speakers.

Infiormation on recent and forthcoming themed weeks can be found in the following links:

PDF document Creative Arts Week 2017