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Nursery Induction Information

This page has been created to support all parents/carers of children starting Nursery in September 2021

During this Summer Term we would normally be welcoming our new children to a number of stay and play sessions and be providing opportunities for your child to meet their new teacher and classmates. We would also hold an evening 'Induction Meeting' for all parents/carers, to provide you with all the details of how we run and teach EYFS here at Dorridge. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 this has been impossible, so we have created a a videos for you, which will hopefully explain how things work and ways in which you can support your child at home. 

Below you will find;  

  • The aims and the induction information about Nursery video from Mrs Mannion (EYFS Lead) and Mrs Davies (Nursery Teacher).
  • A lovely short clip of our fine motor skills activity Dough Gym, 



Please click on the video below for the Nursery Induction Meeting. 

Nursery Induction Information 2020

Before your child starts, we will also be uploading a video of the drop off and pick up points 

Dough Gym and Funky Fingers 



We hope you have found these videos useful and are feeling as excited as we are to have your child begin their school journey with us at Dorridge Primary School. 

For more information about EYFS don't forget to check out the Reception and Nursery website pages. 

Nursery Curriculum Page 

Reception Curriculum Page