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Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Intent

At Dorridge Primary School our intent is to deliver a Modern Foreign Languages curriculum that fosters our pupil's curiosity in order to deepen their understanding of the wider world. Through studying a modern foreign language, our pupils will develop their ability and ambition to communicate with native speakers in speech and writing. Whilst also broadening the pupils horizons and encouraging them to step beyond familiar cultural boundaries and develop new ways of seeing the world.

We endeavour to provide every Key Stage 2 child with a wealth of experiences that will allow them to develop the ability to communicate effectively, not only in spoken French, but also through reading, writing and listening. MFL teaching will provide the foundation for Dorridge pupils to become language learners, equipping them with skills that will allow them to study and learn other languages.

Curriculum Implementation

Across all Key Stage 2 year groups, French is taught weekly, with lessons focusing on breaking learning down into the four elements of language learning; speaking, reading, writing and listening. We aim to encourage our pupils to use their critical thinking and creativity skills in order to notice commonalities between the French and English language, and use their knowledge of the English language to support their acquisition of the French language.

Progression Map in 4 Core Skills in French


We believe that all pupils should have the opportunity to be exposed to different languages and cultures. By participating in whole school language days, such as The European Day of Language in September, we allow our pupils to be immersed into cultural traditions whilst promoting rich linguistic diversity and raising the awareness of the importance of lifelong language learning.

 European Day of Languages 2021

European Day of Language Challenge Handbook for children


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