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Year 6

The Year 6 team is Mr Tolman, Mrs Davis, Miss Ogden, Mrs Hollis, and Mrs Hales.

Autumn Term 2020

Year 6 have all made a wonderful start to the new academic year, settling into their new learning environments effectively and responsibly. We are very much looking forward to the year ahead. This term we will be studying Ancient civilisation- The Mayans. We will cover the history of the Mayan era, from the buildings and artefacts they left behind to how they lived their day to day lives. In Art and D&T we will create Mayan tiles and masks, utilising different media. We are also looking forward to a visit from the Explore Academy to further study the mysteries of the Mayans, the day is delivered by genuine jungle explorers! We teach science discretely and will be covering Classification and Light units through a series of practical lessons and investigations.

In English we are reading Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo, a classic novel set in World War 2. This book will inspire various aspects of writing such as diary entries, letters and narrative pieces. We also draw important grammar lessons from this story. Before the Christmas break, in maths, we are looking to have secured place value, all four operations and fractions.

PE will be taught on Fridays through the‘real PE’ programme with the aim to equip children with key essential abilities to maximise potential and long term participation.

Parent Information Presentation 

There is a Welcome to School presentation for each year group, instead of the normal Parents' Evening presentation. Click on the links below for the Year 6 version. We've provided three different versions, two documents and a video. Use whichever best suits how you are viewing this

Welcome to Year 6 2020 This downloads a file with included commentary that requires PowerPoint to play.

Welcome to Year 6 2020 This has no commentary, but will open in most browsers.

The video link below also contains commentary but you may prefer the downloaded documents above if you have limited data availability. To try and minimise the file size some slides may be on screen for a relatively short time. Try pausing the video if you need to read the full information.

Curriculum Overview

We started using the International Primary Curriculum in September 2016. You can find more details of it on the Curriculum and Subject pages on the menu to the left. At the beginning of every unit of study we will be sending out a letter to parents that explains the sort of things that are being covered in the unit. Copies of these letters are available from the links below, as well as an overview for this year group.

Year 6 IPC Overview