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Year 5

The Year 5 team is Mrs Horswill, Miss Chislett, and Miss Sheridan.

Spring Term 2020

Welcome back and Happy New Year. Our IPC unit for the start of this term is Greeks and Romans. This will give us an excellent opportunity to explore Greek civilisation; how their society was created, with the birth of Democracy. We will also look at their home life and how we know about their lives today. We will be visited on the 15th January by the time-travelling Professor McGinty, to take us back to those ancient times. This will lead on to the Roman Civilisation and their visits to Britain, exploring the legacy that they left behind. Our Art will link to this, with the creation of mosaics using tesserae

Following on from this, in D&T, we will be designing and baking bread and finding out about breads around the world.

In Science, we will be looking at Materials and their properties and Forces. This involves lots of fun practical experiments, especially during Science Week. In English, we will explore the amazing stories and characters in Greek Myths, creating our own myths and find out through Literature about the lives of children growing up within the apartheid regime in South Africa. During the second half term, we will be participating in the Chance to Shine Cricket Coaching with a cricket festival at the start of the Summer Term.

5P will begin their rotation on Forest School after Christmas, with 5D back again for the second half term.

Please be advised that for Maths homework, pupils should access the Mathletics site via your preferred web browser, using the website address:- This applies to both PC and tablet usage. Do not use the app that is available for download as there is a problem with work not showing as completed.

Curriculum overview

We started using the International Primary Curriculum in September 2016. You can find more details of it on the Curriculum and Subject pages on the menu to the left. At the beginning of every unit of study we will be sending out a letter to parents that explains the sort of things that are being covered in the unit. Copies of these letters are available from the links below, as well as an overview for this year group.

Year 5 IPC Overview