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Year 5

The Year 5 team is Mr Tolman/Mrs Hollis, Mrs Brookson, Miss Ogden

TLSA's - Miss Nicol

Welcome to Year 5

There is a Welcome to School presentation for each year group. Click on a link below for the Year 5 version. Use whichever best suits how you are viewing this, both contain the same information.

 Welcome to Year 5 Parents Information evening September 2023

Spring Term 2024

Our DPC unit for this term is 'The Great, The Bold and the Brave'. This will give us an excellent opportunity to explore the founding of Rome, its empire and life as a Roman citizen. We will also be learning about the Celts, the Roman invasion of Britain, the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Our Art will link to this, with the creation of mosaics using tesserae. To enrich this topic, we will be taken back in time with a tailored workshop lead by an external agency.

In Science, we will be looking at 'Materials and their properties' and 'Forces', which involves many fun practical experiments and investigations in British Science Week. For D&T, pupils will learn to bake their own bread.

In maths, we will be using the White Rose resources. This term we will continue to work on our written methods for calculations; look at the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages; calculate area and perimeter: and begin to process statistics. Times Tables knowledge is essential for these units; we encourage continued use of Mathletics.

In our English lessons, we will start the term by focusing on journeys, using ‘Journey to Jo'burg' as our whole class text and 'The Highwayman' as our poem. Later in the term, we will be writing our own newspaper reports about mind-blowing actions of the wire walker, Philippe Petit.

This term we have the opportunity to participate in 'Chance to Shine' cricket. 5S will be doing Forest School in the first half term and then 5D in the second half term.

Curriculum Overview

You can find more details of the Dorridge Primary Curriculum and Subject pages on the menu to the left. At the beginning of every unit of study we will be sending out a letter to parents that explains the sort of things that are being covered in the unit. Copies of these letters are available from the links below, as well as an overview for this year group.

 Year 5 IPC Overview 2022-2023