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Year 3

The Year 3 team is Mrs Biddlecombe, Miss Richardson, Mrs Davies & Mrs Barker

TLSA's - Miss Hewitt and Mrs Sukkersudha

Welcome to Year 3

There is a Welcome to School presentation for each year group. Click on the links below for the Year 3 version. 

 Welcome to Year 3 Parent Information evening September 2023

Year 3 information pack

Autumn 2023

We are delighted to welcome your children to Year 3 as we begin a new journey together in Key Stage 2. They have made a wonderful start to the new academic year and are settling well into their new learning environment.

From the beginning of term, Year 3 will be busy reading! In addition to reading books from the library and the reading scheme, in class we will be reading a different novel each term and using this to improve our vocabulary and comprehension. Each class is reading a different book, so please ask your child about their class reader.

In English, we will begin by studying fairy tales and writing our very own fractured versions. Imagine if the story changed to Goldilocks and The Three Grizzly Bears! In the second half of the term, our focus will move onto non-fiction texts. We shall apply our learning to expand the children’s knowledge of a sport of their choice.

Maths will begin with an exploration of number. Our place value unit extends the children’s prior understanding of number to all numbers up to 1000. Our learning will then move onto our Addition & Subtraction unit. Please keep practising number bonds and mental recall of the times tables as this will help with all of our topics.

Science this term focuses firstly on animals and human skeletons. The children will even get to dissect an owl pellet in search of the leftover bones from their diet! In Autumn term 2, we shall move onto our ‘Light’ unit and learn about light sources and how light travels.

In DPC we start with a history-based topic, 'Tombs, Temples and Treasures', looking at life in Ancient Egypt and learning more about this fascinating time. Your child may enjoy reading more about this and the library has many books about this subject. In Autumn 2, we then move to a geography theme, ‘Saving Our World’. We will begin our topic by locating rainforests around the world and examine their geographical features. We will compare our lives to those who live in the rainforest and consider different perspectives on how the rainforest should be used. Our Art and DT learning will all link into these topics, including a rather fabulous pneumatic crocodile.

In RE, the children shall learn about Diwali before moving onto Islamic Rites of Passage. Music shall begin with a great start of term song called ‘Let your spirit fly’, before moving onto a unit that focuses around exploring and developing playing skills through the glockenspiel. 

Finally, on the sporting front, the Sports Coach will lead weekly P.E lessons. Please ensure that your child wears their PE kit to school every Tuesday (unless your child’s class has a half term of Forest School). 3D shall have Forest School until half term before swapping with 3P after the October half term (3S will be after Christmas). Additionally, trainers also need to be left in school for the Daily Mile. We appreciate your support in encouraging your child to learn to tie their own shoe laces.

What an exciting term! If you have any first-hand experience that might enhance any of the learning units planned, please do let your child’s class teacher know.


Curriculum Overview

You can find more details of the International Primary Curriculum on the Curriculum and Subject pages on the menu to the left. 

 Year 3 IPC Overview 2022-2023