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Year 3

The Year 3 team is Miss Gee, Miss Thornton and Mrs Brookson

TLSA's - Mrs Harden, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Sukkersudha

Summer Term 2022

In our Summer term, in DPC we start with a history-based topic, 'Tombs, Temples and Treasures', looking at life in Ancient Egypt and learning more about this fascinating time. Your child may enjoy reading more about this and the library has many books about this subject. In the second half term, we then move to a geography theme, ‘Saving Our World’. We will begin our topic by locating rainforests around the world and examine their geographical features. We will compare our lives to those who live in the rainforest and consider different perspectives on how the rainforest should be used.  

In the first part of the summer term, we will be studying animal and human skeletons in Science. Moving into the final half term, our Science will link to our DPC topic, as we will be studying ‘Plants’. We will be learning about the different layers of the rainforest, the different parts of a plant and to know the conditions necessary for plants to survive.  

In Art we will be learning about weaving – inspired by our rainforest study. We are also hoping to make pneumatic toys for the D&T element of our studies.

Spring Term 2022

This term, we will begin a new DPC unit entitled ‘Different Places, Similar Lives’, in which children will compare the physical and human geographical features of our local area with India, Asia. From investigating climate, culture and traditions, schooling and daily life, the children will develop their thinking and understanding of what it would be like to be a child living in India in comparison to their own lives in the UK.

Our Science curriculum begins with the topic ‘Light’ followed by ‘Forces and Magnets’. In D&T, we will design, make and evaluate the structure and process of making a photograph frames. In RE, we will begin a new unit on ‘The Pillars of Islam’, and in PHSE, we will be beginning our unit ‘Dreams & Goals’ and in the second half of the term, ‘Healthy Me’.

In English, we will continue to develop reading strategies through our daily shared reading sessions: pupils will enhance their understanding of new vocabulary in context, develop inference, questioning and summarising skills. Spelling will continue to be set weekly, every Monday, and we ask that children complete the worksheet including the sentences which aid pupil understanding: spelling tests will take place on a Friday. Genres of writing we will focus on this term are instructional, non-chronological reports and poetry. 

This first half term, we will be focusing on multiplication and division in Mathematics. Children are expected to learn and rapidly recall the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication and division facts. Following this, we will move on to the measurement units including: money, statistics and length and perimeter. Mathletics homework will be set every Tuesday and will be linked to current learning. Please be aware that this is intended to build confidence and independence with pupils so to embed knowledge and understanding.

Autumn Term 2021

Welcome to Year 3! In English, throughout the year, pupils will be studying a range of literature including novels, traditional stories, poetry and non-fiction texts. Our shared reading texts this year are: Varjak Paw by SF Said, The Fox and the Ghost King by Michael Morpurgo, The Hundred Mile Dog by Jeremy Strong and Harry the Poisonous Centipede goes to Sea by Lynne Reid. Over the term we will be studying fractured stories and writing our own modified fairy tales; in the second half of the term we will be analysing non-fiction texts and learning all about bears.

This term, in Mathematics, pupils will be studying the following units; Place Value, Addition & Subtraction and Multiplication & Division. We will be ensuring that pupils continue to learn their multiplication facts up to in a fun and engaging way to ensure they are confident and efficient.

We are excited to take a trip back in time for our IPC Topic this term entitled, ‘Scavengers & Settlers’. During this unit, we will find out what life was like to live in during Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, what evidence we have for this, and also develop a sense of chronology which will be built upon as they move through school. We will also learn about the types of food that the first farmers would have grown, and additionally we will look at updated versions of dishes that early settlers would have eaten.

In Art and Design & Technology, pupils will be learning about the techniques and skills required to enable them to design, plan and make their own piece of Celtic Jewellery and we will also be recreating cave paintings.

In Science, we will explore the characteristics of rocks and learn their names. The children will carry out simple tests on different rocks and use chocolate to model how rocks are made. We will also explore the composition of soil and think about how soil is made, whilst also studying the formation of fossils.

On the sporting front, Mr Tolman and the Sports Coaches will lead weekly P.E lessons: Please ensure your child wears their PE kit to school every Tuesday. Additionally, trainers also need to be in school for the Daily Mile. Please also ensure that your child has a water bottle in school.

Welcome to Year 3

There is a Welcome to School presentation for each year group. Click on the links below for the Year 3 version. 

 Welcome to Year 3 2021-2022

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 Welcome to Year 3 2021-2022 

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Curriculum Overview

You can find more details of the International Primary Curriculum on the Curriculum and Subject pages on the menu to the left. At the beginning of every unit of study we will be sending out a letter to parents that explains the sort of things that are being covered in the unit. Copies of these letters are available from the links below, as well as an overview for this year group.

 Year 3 IPC Overview 2021-2022