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Year 2

The Year 2 team is Miss Farrington, Miss Thornton, and Mrs Biddlecombe

Autumn Term 2020

The new term begins with an exciting two week unit of work called 'Brainwaves' where the children will learn about how their brains work, how they learn and what they can do to keep their brains healthy. Following this topic, we move on to a unit called ‘People from the Past’ focusing on a range of famous historical figures. The children will be finding out about health care, explorers and rulers from the past including Queen Elizabeth I, Christopher Columbus and Florence Nightingale.

After half term, our unit of work will be ‘Super Humans’ where we will delve inside the human body to learn all about how we grow and change, how our bodies work, our senses and may other aspects of what make us ‘super’. As part of this topic, we will learn about a range of famous ‘super humans’, including Sir Edmund Hillary, and will be taking part in our own Everest Expedition Day. Our daily English, Phonics and Maths sessions will be practical, engaging and, wherever possible, linked in to our overall topic. In reading, we are focusing on reading for pleasure and the discussion of texts. We will be encouraging all children to read as often and as widely as possible and to share their thoughts and reviews with us and their classmates. Theme lessons will continue to develop our speaking and listening skills and provide a range of writing opportunities. During Creative Arts Week, we will be learning about the work of a range of different portrait artists and creating some of our own work, based on their styles. We are all looking forward to an exciting term ahead!

Welcome to Year 2

There is a Welcome to School presentation for Key Stage1, instead of the usual Parents' Information Evening presentation. Click on the links below. We've provided three different versions, two documents and a video. Use whichever best suits how you are viewing this

(We are aware that the video goes sideways. The content is still good!)

Welcome to Key Stage 1 2020 This downloads a file with included commentary that requires PowerPoint to play.

Welcome to Key Stage 1 2020 This has no commentary, but will open in most browsers.

The video link below also contains commentary but you may prefer the downloaded documents above if you have limited data availability. To try and minimise the file size some slides may be on screen for a relatively short time. Try pausing the video if you need to read the full information.