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Religious Education


Curriculum Intent

At Dorridge Primary we celebrate diversity and Religious Education plays a key part in this role. The school is non-denominational. Through RE we give the pupils the opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of world religions and the impact of a more secular society. Above all, children learn to respect the views of others and appreciate cultural differences.

Curriculum Implementation

At Dorridge Primary School we plan our RE based on the syllabus produced by Solihull's SACRE (Standing Advisory Commitee for Religious Education). To achieve this, we use a variety of stimulating resources with an enquiry starting point, ensuring progression throughout the school . Children are challenged to reflect on their own experiences and build upon their previous knowledge, to develop a personal response to  key questions about the world . The topics are designed so that pupils develop substantial knowledge and understanding of the principal religions in Great Britain, and Christianity is taught as a core religion in both key stages. 

Online links

The following weblinks can be used by children to support their understanding of different faiths.

 KS1  BBC bitesize

 KS2 – BBC Bitesize

Collective Worship

Each day, each Key Stage meets for a themed assembly led by the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teachers, members of staff or groups of children. This is an invaluable opportunity to celebrate achievements, reflect on events, listen to and learn from stories and most importantly,  sing together!  As part of our assembly, children are invited to collectively worship or reflect on themes explored through the Jigsaw PSHE Scheme of work. When we are lucky enough to have a child led assembly, the parents of those pupils are invited to join us. Parents are also invited at Harvest time, Christmas and for other important festivals.

Parents have the right to withdraw children from Religious Education. In such circumstances, arrangements for alternative provision will be made after discussion with the Head Teacher


Web icon BBC for Schools for exploring about all religions

Web icon Gurdwara Sahib visit the Gurdwara in Leamington.