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The staff working in Reception are:

RD Mrs C. Mannion (Phase Leader and Class Teacher)
Mrs T. Bullock (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs S. Stevens (One-to-one Teaching Assistant)
RP Mrs N. Qureshi (Class Teacher)
C. Eden (Teaching Assistant)
RS Miss H. Gill (Class Teacher)
Mrs S. Cartwright (Teaching Assistant)

Spring Term 2018

Here is a brief overview of our proposed learning.

In our Communication, Language and Literacy sessions we shall be thinking about the sequence and elements of stories and using language to retell a familiar story. We shall be using a range of non-fiction books to find information about the animals that we will be reading about. Over the term, we will be helping children to develop their reading and writing skills by continuing with our daily phonics activities. The children are beginning to learn how to identify sounds in words and how to segment or blend them. You can help at home by completing phonics homework and by reading as often as possible with your child. The children will now be taking part in daily guided reading and guided writing activities where they are developing their reading and writing skills in small groups.

The following documents have been written by Mrs. Mannion to give you more information about how you can support your child with phonics and writing at home. They also give you an idea of how we teach and develop these key skills in school. Please pop in and see your class teacher if you would like any more information.

PDF icon Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in EYFS at Dorridge Primary School

PDF icon Handwriting in EYFS at Dorridge Primary School

PDF icon Helping your Child at Home

In our Mathematics sessions we shall continue to develop our number recognition and counting skills. We shall also be doing some simple addition and subtraction and using mathematical language to describe size and capacity. We will investigate how we can measure time and order the events of our day. We shall also be looking at 2D and 3D shapes.

During our Personal, Social and Emotional Development sessions we will be focusing on working as a team, sharing and considering each other’s feelings. We shall also be looking at how to support our emotions.

For our Understanding of the World we shall encourage the children to develop inquisitive minds and ask questions about what they see and how things work. We will be using atlases to look at the world and investigate other countries.  We shall also be doing some cooking and observing the changes in ingredients.

The children will be developing their ICT skills by taking part in weekly ICT activities where they get to use an iPad independently to access educational apps. The children all have access to a computer and other ICT resources throughout every school day. The children will be looking at and exploring their local environment.

Physical Development

In PE lessons the children will be developing gymnastic skills, playing games and undertaking dance and movement activities.  Please ensure that your child has a named kit and plimsolls in school at all times.  We may not have a PE session in the hall each week.  As with other areas of the curriculum, we will teach and develop skills as the children demonstrate a need to develop them further.  Many of their physical skills will be developed in our carefully designed Outdoor Learning Environment.

Expressive Art and Design

The children will be developing their creative skills by expressing their ideas and feelings through music, art, dance and drama.

The children will be building a repertoire of songs and dances and will be given the opportunity to explore musical instruments. The class have continuous access to a large range of construction and craft materials to aid their learning in this area.


We see your child’s continuing learning journey as a partnership between yourselves as parents/carers and us in school.   If you could email observations from home, that would greatly enhance our assessment of your child and give us a well-rounded picture of your child.

If you have any questions about the class structure or curriculum, or any areas of concern with your child or their learning please feel free to discuss these with us.

We will continue to read one to one with your child as often as possible and if any parents would like to volunteer their help in school and listen to some children read we would be very appreciative of your support.

Other Bits and Bobs


As the weather is still cold, please ensure your child has a hat, scarf and gloves. Please make sure all items are clearly named to stop any confusion or lost items.

PE Kits and School Uniform

Please ensure that everything is labelled. The children are becoming more independent now and we do change for PE weekly and have our coats on and off throughout the day. Children’s clothing can sometimes be mixed up.


The children attended assembly every day and we all have a Celebration Assembly on Friday mornings. This assembly is very special as we share the children’s achievements with all of Key Stage 1. One child from each class is chosen every week for their achievement.

Phonics Information Evening September 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting and for the very positive comments you shared afterwards. A copy of the handout has been provided for every child in both year groups - either collected at the meeting or sent home if you were unable to attend. A copy is also available to download here, along with the slides used in the presentation.

PDF icon Letters & Sounds Information , PDF icon Phonics Information Evening 2016