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The staff working in Nursery are:

Mrs C. Davies (Class teacher)
Mrs F. Dunlevy (Teaching assistant)
Mrs T. Ibbitson (Teaching assistant)
Mrs K. Jones (Teaching assistant)
Mrs A. Phillips (Teaching assistant)

Mrs Mannion is Phase leader for the Early Years Foundation Stage, which covers Nursery and Reception.

The following documents have been written by Mrs. Mannion to give you more information about how you can support your child with phonics and writing at home. They also give you an idea of how we teach and develop these key skills in school. Please pop in and see your class teacher if you would like any more information.

PDF icon Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in EYFS at Dorridge Primary School

PDF icon Handwriting in EYFS at Dorridge Primary School

Autumn Term 2018

What are we learning this half term?

Our main focus this term will be settling the children into their new Nursery environment, encouraging new friendships and learning our school rules and routines.

Our Autumn term topic is 'All About Me' and each fortnight we will share a different book based around this theme. Children will be talking about their families, homes and their own feelings. Working together, they will be thinking about what makes us special and individual.

In addition, we will be exploring the different festivals and celebrations that children may be involved with, encouraging them to share exciting customs and experiences with one other. We will be using the school hall for P.E each week. Children will learn to change from their shoes into pumps, allowing them to take part in dances and gymnastics, experimenting with movement in different ways.

We look forward to creating a strong partnership between you and the Nursery Team.

Outdoor Provision

As part of the EYFS curriculum, the outdoor area will be available to the children throughout the year and in all weathers, lots of excellent and fun learning can take place during rain and snow. Can you please ensure that during cold months your child has gloves, a hat, and, if possible, wellies that can be left at school all year round.

Messy Play

During the year your child will be exploring, experimenting and investigating the world around them. We will therefore be using a variety of materials such as paint, sand, water, mud, etc.. So please do not be upset if your child returns home a little messy (we will of course be wearing aprons, but sometimes the fun can get away with us), it just means we have had a busy day learning. 

A Plea!

We are making a plea to parents and carers. We would love to receive donations of comics and magazines that you no longer want, along with washed out squirty bottles like ketchup bottles, milk bottles, soap liquid bottles or washing up liquid bottles that you have finished with. We would also love any yoghurt pots and toilet rolls. This will really help us to be creative.

PE Kits and School Uniform

Please ensure that everything is labelled. The children are becoming more independent and we do change pumps for PE weekly, have our coats on and off throughout the day and children’s clothing can sometimes be mixed up.