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Creativity is an over arching element to the delivery of the curriculum as a whole; there are no boundaries between subjects! The process involves both learning in and through the arts. It is this that we foster in our teaching and learning.

Children's understanding and enjoyment of Art and Design is developed through 2 and 3 dimensional activities that bring together requirements from both the Investigating and Making and the Knowledge and Understanding elements of the National Curriculum Programme of Study. A variety of skills are taught in what forms an integral and often cross-curricular part of our work. Children's work can be seen on display in many parts of the School throughout the year.Art Supplies

In the Foundation Stage, the arts are incorporated into Creative Development. The children are given the opportunity to explore colour, texture and shape through drawing, painting and model making. In Key Stage One, children develop specific skills in Art and Design, including how to use tools and equipment to use a variety of media and styles as a means of expression. Children learn about famous artists and styles, relating to their termly theme, and are taught to appreciate originality and imagination in their own and other's work. All children have their work displayed to celebrate their achievements.


External Links

Look at some of these fantastic art links! Please note that, as these are external sites, it is possible that they may change or disappear without warning!

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Previous project work

These are examples of previous Art projects:

Year 3

Egyptian Art: Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings showing potraits and hieroglyphics inspire cave paintings showing evidence of everyday life in Ancient Egypt.

Pattern: Paintings and fabrics with original Indian Paisley and Rangoli patterns inspire clay tiles.

Rousseau: Rousseau paintings of jungles and animals inspire pictures of woven wools and threads.

Year 4

Greek pots: Ancient Greek vases are used to inspire clay pots painted with Greek patterns.

Printing: Andy Warhol paintings with repeated images and patterns inspire repeated printed patterns on Fair Trade bags.

Portraits with Emotions: Selection of portraits by a range of artists from today and the past inspire abstract self-portaits showing a variety of emotions.

Year 5

Symbolic portraits: Holbein's The Ambassadors and other Tudor portraits inspire self-portraits including symbolism about our lives.

Printing: William Morris prints on wallpaper and fabric inspire printmaking using shapes from nature.

Sculpture with wire: Sculptures by Klaus Oldenburg, enjoyed at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, inspire giant wire scultures of every day items.Paper-mache bowls

Year 6

Emotional responses to war: War Artists, Paul Nash and Picasso’s Guernica inspire thoughtful paintings and pastel pictures evoking powerful emotions.

Bowls and Containers: Artists who use recycled materials inspire the creation of paper-mache bowls decorated with found materials.

Pop Art: Andy Warhol and Bridget Riley inspire pattern making.