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Year 5 Home Learning

We have included a number of links to recognised websites below to help you find suitable material. These links were good when we last checked them and we will be regularly checking that they do not become unsuitable. However, please remember that external sites are not under our control and their content may change without warning. We provide these links as a service and cannot guarantee the continued suitability.

This is our final week in Year 5, we hope you have enjoyed our farewell videos and we are sad to be saying goodbye to Miss Sheridan. We wish you all a healthy and happy Summer. Thank you for all your gifts and good wishes. This webpage will still have links and activities available throughout the Summer.

Mrs Horswill, Miss Chislett and Miss Sheridan.  

Teacher Messages WB Monday 13th July 2020

Please read the teacher message for advice on this week's work for English, Maths and IPC

Message: Mrs HorswillMessage: Miss SheridanMessage; Miss Chislett


During our phone calls many parents are asking about what should have been completed in Year 5; below is a link to the Year 5 standards in Reading and Writing, for working towards expected standard, expected standard and greater depth standard and the KPI for Maths. In reading and writing we would look for these standards across a range of work and contexts and with the Maths, we would look for understanding and application using reasoning and problem solving. They are not intended to be used as tick lists. These match the National Curriculum Expectations for Year 5.

Year 5 Writing StandardsYear 5 Reading StandardsYear 5 Maths KPI

Summer activity packs for Maths and English and Transition to Year 6

NEW!Summer activity booklets and transition to Year 6Fun Summer Games



Week beginning Monday 13th July 2020

Choice of 3 Hamilton Trust English Packs

Black Lives MatterSinbadLions and Tygers

  Week beginning Monday 6th July 2020

English plan on Night of the Gargoyles, with full text and text activities. Choice of writing tasks and Art/Craft ideas

Night of the Gargoyles: All resources

Week beginning Monday 29th June 2020- completed

English Plan with activity booklet and extension suggestions- based on the film, "Rock, paper, scissors"

Rock, Paper, Scissors plan and activity booklet

 Week beginning Monday 22nd June 2020- completed

English Plans and resources for this week based on the book, "The man who walked between the towers"

The man who walked between the towers: Plan and Resources

 Week beginning Monday 15th June 2020- completed

As detailed in the teacher messages we have a 2 week unit on single use plastics, Plastic Fantastic!?

Here is the 2 week plan, which contains instructions and weblinks. The tasks are numbered and each English  task has support materials or work sheets here. Art and D&T tasks and support materials are in the Other Curriculum section below, pink buttons.

Alternative English activities remain on the webpage too. 

Plastic Fantastic!? 2 Week Plan

Task 1 Personal responseComplete Information PackTask 3 Comprehension

Kids against plastic TED talk

Task 8 Fact and Opinion WorksheetTask 10 Persuasive Letter Writing Examples and PowerpointTask 11 Persuasive letter planning templates


 The English extras will stay on here for future use.

 Please remember that with many Twinkl activities there are 3 levels, 1 star, 2 star and 3 star increasing in difficulty


Twinkl Comprehension Collection

 4 Topical comprehensions: Birds, Apollo 13, Captain Tom and Pentecost

Grammar and Spelling

Spring 2 SPAG MatsSummer 1 SPAG matsSummer 2 SPAG Mats

 Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling Booklet.    Correct the Spelling Mistake

Year 5 GandP Practice test Pack 1-6


Year 5 Writing Activity Grid

English Alternatives

If your children prefers the weekly packs from Hamilton Trust, Talk for Writing or Pobble as alternatives to the Twinkl work, the links are here for you to use. 

 Talk for Writing unit on the book/game Jumanji, One Chance or the new one, Wonderful Wizards

Talk for Writing 1 Jumanji GameTalk for Writing 2 One Chance

NEW! Talk for writing Wonderful WizardsNEW! talk for Writing Elves and Sprites NEW!

If your child likes Hamilton Trust Packs Hamilton Trust Packs

Pobble 365

Extra Guided Reading

Twinkl Home Hub is still available for current work but they are not allowing track back into their archive. Please use the 2/3 weeks they have available if you wish.



 Week beginning Monday 13th July 2020

There will still be some work on Mathletics for all children and please use TTRockstars too.


White Rose Maths (the scheme of learning we use at DPS) have linked with the Government and the BBC to deliver a daily Maths lesson of 20-30 minutes, which will each week, teach the essential objectives remaining in Year 5 and ensure children are ready to start Year 6 in September.

For Miss Chislett's and Mrs Horwill's sets. Please link to White Rose Maths and the BBC Bitesize.

White Rose Home Learning

Please link to Year 5 on the right hand menu and continue at WB 6th July. Teaching videos are available on the website link. (Link above: blue button)  Parents cannot now directly link to worksheets on the website. Monday-Thursday work sheets and answers for this week downloaded for you, please click on the links below.

Maths WB 13th July 2020WB 6th July Worksheets and Answers

The BBC website is linked to the teaching on the White Rose Maths .

Miss Sheridan's Group.  Miss Sheridan has set specific work for her group. 

WB 13th July (pdf)WB 6th July Powerpoint

 Extras for all groups if you wish to use them

Corbett Maths, has 5 a day questions covering the full range of Maths questions, one each day of the year, with answers, at bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels

New 10 minute Maths Challenges-30 challenges

Corbet Maths 5 a day I see Maths (Gareth Metcalfe)10 minute Maths Challenges - this is a free resource with lots of games - free resource with clips and games for the KS2 curriculum


Week beginning Monday 13th July 2020

Barbara Hepworth Art

Week beginning Monday 6th July 2020

IPC unit on Rivers-"Go with the flow" WEEK 3

Go with the Flow Week 3 Plans and resources

Week beginning Monday 29th June 2020

 IPC Unit on Rivers - " Go with the flow" WEEK 2

Go with the Flow Rivers : Week 2

Week beginning Monday 22nd June 2020

 IPC unit on Rivers-"Go with the flow"

Go with the Flow  Week 1- Plans and resources

Week beginning Monday 8th June 2020 and WB Monday 15th June 2020

Please refer to the Plastic Fantastic!? Plan in the English section above.

Task resources here:Task 2 Types of Plastic Task 4 Photo Ideas

Task 7 Photo Idea Task 7 More IdeasTask 12 Design Plan for new packaging

These are further Year 5 activity folders from some of our content suppliers. These maybe accessed now or in future weeks for extras.

As outlined in Mrs Ashe's email 27th April 2020, the government have collaborated with Oak Academy to produce teaching videos for each year group. These offer further support, or access to variety of other subjects for example Year 5 Art and Spanish.

Oak AcademyTwinkl Home LearningClassroom Secrets Home Learning

Fun Music from Miss SheridanEnglish Mastery Packs 


Following the success of last weeks virtual classes, we have scheduled a class for every day at 3:05pm!

Monday  - YogaBugs 
Tuesday  - 
Thursday  - FootieBugs 
Friday  -
 YogaBugs Class

PLUS! Check out their Mindfulness activities page for some fun mindful, activities to do with your child.

  real PE  Feel the benefits of being active, not only for our physical wellbeing but for our emotional and mental health, especially in such challenging times. We hope the ideas help to support your family to stay fit and healthy in the coming months. Please see email to parents (March 24th) with log in details.

 Chatterpack A huge list of resources linked to a variety of subjects.

 Reading Realm





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