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Year 2 Home Learning

We have included a number of links to recognised websites below to help you find suitable material. These links were good when we last checked them and we will be regularly checking that they do not become unsuitable. However, please remember that external sites are not under our control and their content may change without warning. We provide these links as a service and cannot guarantee their continued suitability.

 We would love to see some photos of your work. Please post any wonderful work on our Facebook page or email it to the school office. We can't wait to see the activities that you've completed!

Please remember that these activities are simply suggestions. We appreciate that many of you are trying to work from home, whilst also supporting your child. With this in mind, we have tried to set activities that your child should be able to largely attempt independently. If, however, you are finding it difficult alongside your own work needs, we would encourage a focus on the English and maths activities.

Click here for Additional Summer Home Learning Activities

Click here for Week 14 Home Learning Tasks - 13th July

Click here for Week 13 Home Learning Tasks - 6th July

Click here for Week 12 Home Learning Tasks - 29th June

Click here for Week 11 Home Learning Tasks - 22nd June

Click here for Week 10 Home Learning Tasks - 15th June

Click here for Week 9 Home Learning Tasks - 8th June

 Click here for Week 8 Home Learning Tasks - 1st June

Click here for Week 7 Home Learning Tasks - 18th May

Click here for Week 6 Home Learning Tasks - 11th May

Phonics Resources

Year 2 are currently working on Phase 6 Phonics. This phase focuses on developing children into fluent readers and increasingly accurate spellers. The PDF below details the teaching strategies for Phase 6.

  Letters and Sounds: Phase 6



Each week, your child will be set a selection of spellings to practise that will focus on a specific sound or suffix. These will then be practised through a range of fun and engaging games to help your child to become a more accurate speller. Try to complete one activity a day.

Your child's username and password are the same as their Mathletics logon details which are stuck in their Home School Organiser.



Other useful activities (games, websites and activity books)

The following PDFs provide some useful games and activities to help your child to consolidate their phonics skills.

  Phase 6 phonics book - An A5 printable activity book that covers all aspects of Phase 6 phonics

  Phonopoly Game board - Like Monopoly but all about phonics!

  Phonopoly challenge and chance card - Like Monopoly but all about phonics!

 Spelling frame - A website that breaks down the spelling rules for Year Two with a selection of games and printable word lists.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar - Additional Resources

Please see links at the top of the page for each week's home learning tasks.

We would suggest trying to complete 1 SPAG activity per week.

 SPAG glossary for parents and carers

 Year 2 Spelling practice cards

 Common Exception Wordsearch 1           Common Exception wordsearch 2

 Common Exception wordsearch 3            Common Exception wordsearch 4

 Common Exception wordsearch 5             

 SATs survival Parent SPAG Revision Activity Booklet

 SATs survival Parent Spelling Revision Activity Booklet

Additional Reading Resources

Reading is key to all learning and is something that all children should be able do without adult support - they could even be creative and read to a bear, a sibling or even a friend or grandparent by Facetime/Skype. 

Please see links at the top of the page for each week's home learning tasks.

Please continue to read with your child daily, preferably for at least 15 minutes a day. Try to encourage your child to read a wide range of stories, poems and information texts. These could be filled in on the book log that your child brought home before school closed.

We have enclosed some useful questions to help support reading discussions at home.

 Reading discussion questions


 SATs survival Parent Reading Revision Activity Booklet     This booklet contains some useful information about the way children’s reading would usually be assessed at the end of Year 2. Although the SATs will no longer be going ahead, the booklet still provides a number of ongoing activities that will help your child to work towards their Year 2 reading objectives.


Audible is offering free streaming of their audio books for the duration of school closures. It contains a wide range of books for young readers. Just explore the collection, select a title and start listening - it's that easy!



60 Second Reads - Additional short reading comprehension activities

Each link provides a short text extract and a handful of comprehension questions along with an answer sheet. Aim to complete one of these texts per week.

  A Space Adventure                     Female Pirates                       Marvellous Moon Tours

  The Glenfall Gazette                   The Most Heroic Hero            Troll’s Troubles

Miss Farrington’s English Group - The links below provide more challenging text extracts that will be suitable for some of Miss Farrington's English Group. These will provide an excellent opportunity for your child to discuss new vocabulary, but will likely take longer than 60 seconds.

  A storm is brewing                       Usain Retires                   Dazzling Diwali

  Incredible Invertebrates               Two for One                     Lord Ganesh

Previous 60 second reads

Miss Thornton and Mrs Biddlecombe's English Groups

 All about Africa          I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside        Paul the Lucky Octopus 

The Isle of Coll            What Plants Need to Grow                    The Great White Shark    

Miss Farrington’s English Group

Great Galapagos                    An Egg-cellent Competition              Emma’s Puppy Problem

Unusual Olympic Sports        The Cat in the Witch’s Wood            Ozma and the Little Wizard

Additional Writing Resources

 Please see links at the top of the page for each week's home learning tasks. 

 Year 2 Talk for Writing booklet   A booklet, designed for Year 2, containing a number of activities to work on, both independently and with a bit of support. All activities can be done alone, however there are some that will be more enjoyable for your child if you or someone else at home can join in.


  Once Upon A Picture - A website filled with images to inspire reading, role play and writing activities. Clicking on each image brings up a range of questions and activity ideas.


Other home writing opportunities

  • Write a set of instructions for a household job e.g. making dinner. 

  • Write a diary of your daily activities

  • Create your own family story or information book

  • Write your own play. Can you include all of the members of your family?

  • Choose a favourite story that you have at home;

- Write a letter to one of the characters

- Write a character/setting description

- Write a diary entry in role as a character from the story

Additional Maths Resources

 Please see links at the top of the page for each week's home learning tasks. 

  Year 2 Maths Revision Worksheets

 SATs survival Arithmetic Revision Activity Booklet – This booklet includes 5 arithmetic tests. We suggest you complete 1 test per week.

 SATs survival Reasoning Revision Activity Booklet – This booklet includes 3 reasoning test. These could be completed in a range of ways, depending on the needs of your child. These could be completed on a weekly basis, or 1 – 2 questions at a time to provide short burst reasoning revision.

Click here for more Maths Mystery Code Cracking Tasks

Useful Maths Websites 


Each week, teachers will set a selection of 3 Mathletics tasks relevant to their set. These tasks won't always reflect the weekly learning focus as they will also be used to recap on previous learning. Your child's username and password are stuck in their Home School Organiser.


Times Tables Rock Stars

Please use times table rock stars to support your child with practising their times tables. Aim to complete one session a week. Your child's login details are stuck in their Home School Organiser. Please select the Garage or Arena sections to access the tables that teachers have set for them.

 Times Tables Rock Stars

Active Maths

Active Maths is a great website that provides activities to get your child practising their maths skills in a fun and active way. Please see the Homework Guide for Parents about how to access and use the website. Aim to complete one session a week.

  Homework Guide for Parents

 Active Maths Homework

Please refer to the White Rose links below which provide the backbone schemes of work and questions for each maths unit to help you support your child with their learning. Select the Year Two tab to show all of the units and then click on the desired unit to access the scheme of work. The other link is more specific to home learning.

 White Rose Primary Schemes of Learning

White Rose Home Learning

Below are a range of other websites that have games to help your child with practising their skills.

 Topmarks KS1 Maths Games

 Daily Ten Mental Maths Challenge

 ICT Maths Games

 Maths Games


Tips for practising maths at home:

  • Counting your steps – this can be used for practicing counting on and back in 2s, 5s and 10s.

  • Statistics – Keep a tally of the different vehicles that pass the house, have a minibeast hunt in the garden and make a pictogram to show what you found, make a block graph to show the number of each coloured sweet in a bag of sweets.

  • Shapes – have a 2D/3D shape hunt around the house to find examples of triangles, rectangles, spheres, cubes etc.

  • Cooking together – weighing out a range of ingredients

  • Reading the time - What time do you have breakfast/dinner? What time does your favourite programme start?

  • Playing games – keeping scores, finding totals, card games, create your own board game

  • Counting money – finding the total amount in Mum or Dad’s pocket/wallet, look for prices on items around the house, earn money for completing simple household chores

  • Comparing – Which item is tallest/heaviest/longest? Order their toys by size or weight.



 Please see links at the top of the page for each week's home learning tasks.

Kitchen Science

Thinktank Museum is making a lovely series of science experiments that can carried out in your very own home. Each link will take you to a video on Thinktank's YouTube channel.

 Make a Bubble snake

 Make a Lava Lamp

 Fizz Rocket Experiment

 Camera Obscura

 Slime Experiment

 Submarine In A Bottle



 Please see links at the top of the page for each week's home learning tasks.


Please remember to keep practising your recorder at home. Remember to play all the lovely pieces you have learnt so far. You could even try to make up your own song on your recorder and get your family to accompany you using household percussion instruments (pots and pans, wooden spoons etc).

Mental Health and Wellbeing

9am each day - Joe Wicks is offering a free PE lesson.   YouTube - P.E. with Joe

 real PE  Feel the benefits of being active, not only for our physical wellbeing but for our emotional and mental health, especially in such challenging times. We hope the ideas help to support your family to stay fit and healthy in the coming months. Please see email to parents (March 24th) with log in details.

 Go Noodle - Fun and engaging video activities to get your child up and active. Many of the videos can be accessed for free.

Following the success of last weeks virtual classes, we have scheduled a class for every day at 3:05pm!

Monday  - YogaBugs 
Tuesday  - 
Thursday  - FootieBugs 
Friday  -
 YogaBugs Class

PLUS! Check out their Mindfulness activities page for some fun mindful, activities to do with your child.

Other Learning Opportunities

Classroom Secrets have also put a brilliant Home Learning Pack together. The pack covers; maths, grammar, spelling and punctuation, reading and practical ideas. Go to: Class Secrets - Free Home Learning

Twinkl has an unlimited amount of resources for every subject. Please use the information above to direct you to the relevant activities to suit your child. will be giving all parents/carers in the UK a free month’s subscription to their site. Setting this up is really easy to do - go to Twinkle and enter the code:     UKTWINKLHELPS

tts group Key Stage One activity book if you have access to a printer.

 Reading Realm

  • Short extracts from classic texts linked to nature and animals to read, enjoy and interpret

  • Editing and correcting spelling and grammar activities

  • Activities linked to vocabulary, synonyms and antonyms

  • Drawing and illustrations tasks and challenges

  • Colouring in

 BBC Teach Primary  Individual subject resources and cross curricular projects. 

 Chatterpack A huge list of resources linked to a variety of subjects.



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