Dorridge Primary School

Together we play, learn and succeed.
Life at Dorridge Primary School Life at Dorridge Primary School Life at Dorridge Primary School Life at Dorridge Primary School Life at Dorridge Primary School

Work in partnership SCHOOL AIMS

Independent life-long learners SCHOOL AIMS

Make a positive contribution SCHOOL AIMS

Respectful, tolerant and responsible citizen SCHOOL AIMS

Valued and celebrated SCHOOL AIMS

Happy, healthy and safe SCHOOL AIMS

Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Senior Team

Mrs R Ashe Head Teacher
Mrs J Hales Deputy Head, KS2
Mrs M Green Deputy Head, EYFS & KS1
Mrs G Thelwell Deputy Head, EYFS & KS1
Mrs A Burnard  Business Manager

Inclusion Team

Mrs R Morrey Inclusion Manager
Mrs Y Bayliss Assistant SENCO
Mrs H Fantham Family Support Worker

Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Nursery year

Mrs C Davies Nursery teacher, Literacy subject leader (Phonics)
Mrs F Dunlevy Nursery TLSA
Mrs T Ibbitson Nursery TLSA
Mrs A Phillips Nursery TLSA
Miss K Deakin Nursery TLSA

Reception year

Mrs C Mannion Class teacher, EYFS lead, Reception year leader
Miss H Gill Class teacher, PSHE subject leader, School Council
Mrs A Molloy/
Mrs C Walker
Class teacher, Art subject leader (IPC Support)
Mrs S Cartwright Reception TLSA
Mrs C Eden Reception TLSA, EYFS Outdoor Continuous Provision Lead
Mrs T Bullock Reception TLSA, Forest School

Key Stage 1

Year 1

Mrs E Perkins Class teacher, Year leader, IPC (KS1) Leader
Miss G Lloyd Class teacher, Reading (KS1) leader
Miss G Pitt Class teacher, History subject leader (IPC support)
Ms S Hewitt Year 1 TLSA (mornings)
Mrs S Taylor Year 1 TLSA (afternoons)

Year 2

Miss A Farrington Class teacher, Year leader, Science subject leader, School Council
Miss K Thornton Class teacher, Geography subject leader (IPC support)
Mrs C Biddlecombe Class teacher
Mrs K Hunt Year 2 TLSA, PPA cover and Y2 interventions
Miss C Bamber

Year 2 TLSA

Miss K Jones

Year 2 TLSA

Key Stage 2

Year 3

Mrs C Guevara Class teacher, Year leader, NQT mentor
Mrs N Shackley Class teacher, Music subject leader (IPC support)
Mrs A Brookson Class teacher, Eco Council leader
Mrs J Harden Year 3 TLSA
Mrs L La Vigna Year 3 TLSA, Playground Supervisor, Forest School

Year 4

Miss M Gee Class teacher, Year leader, Maths subject leader
Mr T Melville Class teacher, PE extra curriculum leader
Miss L Egginton Class teacher, MFL subject leader
Mrs L Williams Year 4 TLSA

Year 5

Mrs J Horswill Class teacher, Year leader, English subject leader (Writing)
Miss L Sheriden Class teacher, IPC (KS2) leader
Miss R Chislett Class teacher, Reading (KS2) leader
Mrs K Coe Year 5 TLSA

Year 6

Mr A Tolman Class teacher, Year Leader, PE Curriculum leader
Mrs K Davies Class teacher, Design and Technology subject leader (IPC support)
Miss H Ogden Class teacher, Computing subject leader
Mrs A Hollis Class teacher, Interventions Y6
Mrs A Doyle Year 6 TLSA

Child Specific TLSAs

Mrs J Harden  
Mrs R Barr  
Mrs J Unitt  
Mrs C Kirk  
Mrs E Sukkersudha  
Mrs S.Schneider  

Darby’s (Wraparound)

Mrs F Morrison Manager
Mrs A Tinkler Administration
Mrs D Eades Deputy Manager
Mrs L Webb Class Teacher, Nursery Wraparound, RE subject leader
Mrs S Goulding Class Teacher, Nursery Wraparound, RE subject leader
Mrs S Sharpe Holiday Club manager
Miss E Sharpe Deputy Holiday Club manager

Admin and Premises Staff

Mrs J Houghton Bursar
Mrs C Mansfield Office manager
Mrs J Cooper KS2 reception
Mrs S Simpson KS2 reception
Mrs S Curgenven KS2 reception
Mrs S Weatherhead KS1 reception
Mrs S Grant KS1 reception
Mr P Egan Network manager, Facilities management
Mrs J Train Librarian
Mr M Connolly Sports coach
Mr P Mansell Site management team
Mr C Boddey Site management team
Mr M Rocky Outdoor Environment
Mrs K Coughlan

KS2 Catering manager

Mrs R Malin

KS1 Catering manager