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School Policies

A number of our school policies are available here in PDF format.

PDF icon Anti-Bullying

PDF icon Attendance

PDF Document Behaviour (updated Feb 2018)

PDF Document Child Protection (updated Mar 2019)

PDF Document Complaints Procedure

PDF document Charging and Remissions for School Activities

PDF document Data Protection and Privacy Notice (updated Feb 2018)

PDF Document E-Safety

PDF Document Educational Visits

PDF Document Equality (updated Feb 2018)

PDF Document Exclusion (updated Feb 2018)

PDF Document Health and Safety

PDF Document Homework

PDF document Inclusion

PDF document Looked After Children

PDF document Medical Conditions in School (updated Feb 2018)

PDF document More Able, Gifted, and Talented Learners

PDF document Parent Partnership

PDF document Safeguarding (updated Mar 2019)

PDF document School Reading Dog Risk Assessment

PDF document Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

     PDF Document Accessibility Plan

PDF Document Use of Reasonable Force

PDF Document Volunteers

     PDF Document Parent Helpers Code of Practice

PDF Document Whistleblowing Policy

Curriculum related

PDF Document Computing (updated Feb 2018)

PDF Document Handwriting

PDF Document Science (updated Feb 2018)

Reviewing School Policies

We asked, "How can we improve the current school's policies?"

You said and we did:

  • Explain any jargon, e.g. IEP (Individual Education Plan)

  • Add glossaries where appropriate

  • Make the homework process easier to understand

  • Avoid repetition in order to simplify the policies further

  • Add a disclaimer to offer electronic and full copier

How can you help us meet those key policies?


  • Discuss and encourage the children to earn rewards
  • Work as a team with the teachers when your child is involved in a behaviour issue
  • Encourage your children towards achieving 100% attendance


  • Provide your child with an appropriate work space, free from distraction
  • Regularly read with your child, even once they are fluent, questioning them about their understanding of the text
  • Check the quality of the work produced before submitting rather than doing it for them.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • Do not take holidays during term time
  • Ensure your child arrives at school punctually and is ready for learning every day
  • Ensure the school is aware of who is collecting your child


  • Ensure that parent filter software is installed and kept up to date at home
  • Actively monitor your child online, especially if using social networking
  • Talk to your child about staying safe online and with other devices regularly