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We are very proud of our school libraries. We have a fantastic resource offering a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, audiobooks and magazines. We also stock editions of First News, a newspaper published weekly for children -

Our school librarian is Mrs. Train, who runs the library with a team of parent volunteers and helpful Year 6 children. Mrs. Train is an excellent source of book recommendations!

KS1 Library

The KS1 library is open to Year 1 and Year 2 pupils and aims to promote reading for pleasure. The library is open before and after school on Tuesdays. The library operates on the lines of a 'normal library' using library cards and the books must be issued and returned through the library system. Library cards are collected on your child's first visit to the library. The library has a selection of fiction books and an extensive range of non-fiction books. The books are not part of the school's reading scheme.

Opening times: Tuesdays 8.30 -8.55am and 3.25 - 4pm

KS2 Stationery Shop

The stationery shop sells reasonably priced, practical stationery during Wednesday lunchtimes. The shop is run by Year 6 pupils. If you do not wish your child to buy stationery, please have this discussion with your child or with Mrs Train.

The Library is also open as during school time for year groups as follows:

Day Before School Breaktime Lunchtime After School
Monday Any year Year 3 Year 3 Any year
Tuesday Any year Year 4 Year 4 Any year
Wednesday Any year Any year Stationery Any year
Thursday Any year Year 5 Year 5 Any year
Friday Any year Year 6 Year 6 Any year

Library Leaflets

Junior Librarian

PDF document Access to Junior Librarian and Reading Cloud

Suggested Reading Lists

Please click on the links below. The lists are based on books that we have in the KS2 library. The Year 3 list is structured to work alongside your child's reading level.

PDF iconSuggested Reading List YR3

PDF iconSuggested Reading List YR4

PDF iconSuggested Reading List YR5

PDF iconSuggested Reading List YR6


Library Helpers

Our library helpers ensure that it can be enjoyed throughout the school day. More volunteers are needed to make this happen. Duties include issuing and returning books, helping children select books and processing new books. Full training is given and you would be joining a friendly and happy team. Grandparents and friends of the school are very welcome. If you would like to offer a regular hour and a half of your time each week or fortnight, please contact Mrs Train.

Scholastic Books

Scholastic Book Club leaflets are sent home once or twice per term. The orders are open for two weeks after the leaflets have been sent home, both for online and orders through school. Order forms should be into school in an envelope clearly marked “Book Order” together with a cheque (made payable to Scholastic Ltd) or credit card details. An email will be sent out at the same time leaflets are distributed. The school gets 20% commission on each book sold to parents which really makes a difference to the stock in our school libraries. Parents can also enjoy up to 70% off the price of books.

Book Fairs

Book Fairs are held twice a year. they are the main source of new library books. Each book sold to parents results in 60% commission for the school, which can be spent on new books.

Thank you in advance for your support.