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Together we play, learn and succeed.
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In school we use the online platform Class Dojo. Pupils are rewarded with Dojo Points for their effort, conduct and academic achievement. 

In School we adopt the KiVa anti-bullying programme.

 KiVa Information for Parents

 KiVa Parents Presentation

House System

All children at Dorridge Primary School are a member of one of our four houses, which are named after castles in our area. The shields for each house are displayed in the two school Halls and were designed by the children to represent things they wanted their house to stand for.

The aim of the House System is to encourage children to work together and give them a real sense of identity, as well as a means of encouraging high standards. Children are awarded House tokens by staff for excellent work, attitude and conduct around school. These tokens are collected in classrooms and added to a whole school collection ready for Endeavour Assembly every Friday at KS1 and Monday at KS2.

All children are allocated to a house on entry to the school.


Red – Warwick

Green – Kenilworth

Yellow – Ludlow

Blue – Tamworth


The House system is also used for a variety of purposes, including teams in P.E. and Sports Day, competitions with House points, the school’s annual quiz and fundraising in Charity Fortnight.