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Attendance Report

We regularly share our weekly attendance figure with families on the Weekly News. Additionally, the school is required to submit an average attendance report to the Local Authority for each term. These are aggregated nationally to provide an analysis of school attendance levels and the reasons given for non-attendance.

The following documents contain comparison details from the Department for Education for the last few years.

Attendance Analysis 2016-2021
This document compares attendance, authorised absence, and unauthorised absence figures for Dorridge Primary, and similar schools in the Solihull Local Authority area and nationally. Figures are given as raw data and as bar chart comparisons.

Reason of Absence Analysis 2016-2021
This document looks in more detail at the reasons recorded for both authorised and unauthorised absence for Dorridge Primary as compared with Local Authority and national figures.

Attendance Monitoring by School 

The school monitors attendance carefully in partnership with CSAWS. If a child’s attendance falls below 90%, the school will make contact with the child’s parents. If improvements are not made, then both the School and CSAWS Central School Attendance and Welfare Service will contact parents to investigate and support.

Punctuality is also monitored closely. Again, the school will be in contact with parents if children are regularly late. 

For school start and finish times: