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Leave of Absence

Schools are unable to authorise a leave of absence except in exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, guidance on which is issued by the Department for Education. The School Attendance Policy has been updated in line with the latest guidance from Solihull Local Authority. If leave is requested for exceptional circumstances an absence request form can be obtained from the school office or can be found here  Leave of Absence request form. The form should be completed and returned to the School Office marked FAO Mrs Ashe, Head Teacher. It can be emailed to: 

There are two attendance sessions in every day. Missing school for a whole day counts as two absences. Whenever possible, please arrange medical/dental/optician appointments outside school hours. If an appointment is made in school time your child should come into school first and/or return after their appointment. Please provide copies of appointment letters and cards to school with the absence request prior to your child’s absence, so the register can be marked accordingly.

For clarity, where a request for leave of absence has been made and the school has sent written notification to parents that the absence will be unauthorised, a penalty notice may be issued where the trigger of 10 sessions (5 days) of unauthorised absence is met.

In all other cases of unauthorised absence accrued over time a warning letter will be issued by CSAWS Central School Attendance and Welfare Service prior to a penalty notice. The trigger for a warning letter will be at least 10 sessions (5 days) of unauthorised absence.

Further more, please be aware that the absence or illness of a pupil should not affect the attendance and education of their siblings. If a pupil has an appointment (particularly at the beginning or end of the school day), arrangements should be made to ensure that other siblings are either dropped off or collected from school at the usual times.