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Eco Council

The main aim of Dorridge Primary School’s Eco Council is to remind everyone in school to save energy and reduce, recycle and reuse. Dorridge Primary School Eco Council is a pupil-led team, consisting of one pupil per class from every year group. Eco representatives are chosen by their peers and their main duties involve attending weekly meetings, and reporting any issues concerning the environment to their class. Eco Council is assisted by our Head Teacher, Mrs Ashe, the board of school Governors, the school site manager and Mrs Brookson, a teacher in Year 6.

Eco Council representatives are passionate about the school environment and environmental matters in general. They take on whole school initiatives, such as running competitions and helping to organise the clothing in the recycling bank.

Energy saving in school

Over the last year we have been working with other local schools as part of the Ashden LESS CO2 schoolsprogramme. This means that we have been learning to save energy within our school, engaging with our staff and students about energy saving, as well as linking sustainability into our student’s learning. We are delighted to let you all know that we have now completed the programme and we are an accredited LESS CO2 school. The work doesn’t stop there, and we will continue to make great strives to reduce our energy use in our school. You can find out more about the LESS CO2 programme by visiting the Ashden website

If there are any parents or carers out there who would like to support us in our ongoing energy saving work, please let the school office know.