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DPS Literacy Workshop

We asked:

How has today’s Workshop helped you?

You said it helped by:

  • emphasising the importance of regular reading at home throughout KS2 and continuing past the milestone age of 7 (end of KS1)
  • discussion of the key priorities and aims of the Department for Education
  • definitions and discussions of technical terms, e.g. grapheme
  • putting phonics/decoding in the wider context of reading for meaning + enjoyment
  • information about more specific objectives covered in each year group, e.g. grammar
  • a detailed discussion about the purpose and usefulness of the Y1 Phonics Screening Check
  • emphasising the links and consistency  of approach between DNIS and DJS
  • discussion of the need to inspire a love of curiosity and reading in all children, irrelevant of ability or attainment
  • ideas of games to play to develop vocabulary and spelling
  • an opportunity to discuss issues, rather than be given static information in writing
  • an overview of the most up to date curriculum
  • direction towards resources and author recommendations, especially for KS2 readers
  • a better understanding of the technical vocabulary the children are introducing into home environments from lessons