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E-Safety Workshop

We asked:

What more can we do to help educate you and your child in matters of E-Safety?

You said:

  • Age appropriate places for children to get email addresses/messaging sites
  • Reinforce the message – scaring is good!
  • Explore the safe use of Ipod touches
  • Explore the use of Xbox live (online gaming)
  • Maintain a zero tolerance policy on cyber bullying
  • Explore privacy of Mathletics
  • Keep children and parents updated on risks of being online
  • Create a school controlled social network for children to use
  • Advice on texting – being respectful and kind
  • Run through example privacy settings and explain them

We did:

  • Introduced privacy, online gaming and use of mobile phones into our Year 5 and 6 E-safety curriculum
  • Reminded pupils of the ability to use the extranet as a controlled social network (they can post discussion points on here)
  • We investigated the Mathletics privacy settings and were told that it should not show pupil’s full names. Please let your child’s teacher know if there are further concerns.


(above): Parents and children attending together at the E-Safety workshop resulted in a remarkable increase in attendance, where less than 10 parents attended the previous workshop 2 years ago.